Closeup of an orthodontist holding a gums and teeth model with braces

How to Know You Need Braces

August 18, 2022 5:53 pm

Are you wondering if it’s time to get braces? As a commitment of money and time, getting orthodontic treatment is a big decision for patients, no matter your age! In this blog post, we go over a few signs that you may benefit from orthodontic treatment and give an overview of your options.

Signs You May Need Braces

You may benefit from orthodontic treatment if you have:

  • Visibly crooked or crowded teeth
  • Frequent sores on your cheeks from accidentally biting them
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Jaw pain that can radiate into your neck and shoulder
  • A speech disorder
  • Messy eating habits from a misaligned bite
  • Difficulty cleaning between your teeth

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Traditional braces are a bracket and wire system that uses tension on the wire to realign teeth. They can address nearly anything from mild misalignment to the most complex orthodontic cases. Braces are a convenient option for children, teens, and adults since they can’t be lost and the patient can’t forget to wear them, since they are attached to the teeth throughout treatment. However, this also affects oral hygiene and mealtime.

Clear aligners are transparent, retainer-like trays that are worn for two weeks at a time before going to the next set of trays in the treatment plan. Clear aligner therapy is popular for responsible teens and adults because the aligners are nearly invisible when patients are wearing them. The aligners are removable so patients take them out to brush and floss their teeth and when they eat.

Schedule Your Consultation!

A trusted orthodontist can help you know for sure whether braces or clear aligners are right for you. Dr. Ian Ballou at Smile Shack Dental & Braces has years of reputable experience providing personalized orthodontic treatment for patients in Raytown, MO. Dr. Ballou and the rest of his team would love to help you achieve a stunning, healthier, and more functional smile. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation at our office!


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